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Relax your body and mind with sound

Two women sit on a bed. The woman on the left has her eyes closed. She is calm and relaxed as the woman on the right guides her through a one on one asmr experience by gently touching her cheek.
Use Sound to Escape

We provide one-on-one ASMR roleplay experiences which use the power of personal attention and sound to help you relax. 

Each experience contains a variety of calming sounds, which allow you to unwind and decompress. These sounds are known as "triggers," which can lead to a pleasant tingling sensation in your body.

Feel your breath slow down, anxiety melt away, and your mood improve as you close your eyes and enjoy your tingles.

You can enjoy a soft-spoken experience or a no-talking experience.

Browse our experiences here.  

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Operating Hours

By appointment only.

 Please email us to schedule your appointment.

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